2007      North Coast Ohio

2008      North Coast Ohio

2009      Bob Speltz Land O’ Lakes

2010      New England  First Place
               Bob Speltz  runner up

2011      Toronto

2012      Heartland Classics  first place
               Chesapeake Bay   runner up

2013      tie:  Bob Speltz and No.Calif/Tahoe

2014 – First Place to Thousand Islands Chapter, Steve Slagsvol and Seb Borrello, Webmasters
2014 – Second Place to Sunnyland Chapter, Mary Paul Williams, Webmaster

2015 – Michigan, Jack Warren, Webmaster

 2016 – First Place to Okanagan, Tyson Konecny, Webmaster
 2016 – Second Place to Lake Hopatcong, Cindy Heaton, Webmaster