Pricing for the Rudder classifieds:  ACBS members get one 40 word ad a year free, each additional word $1.50 each.  Photos additional $25 one photo only.

Pricing for the Website classifieds:  For $30 you can place your ad on-line for 90 days along with up to four photos.

Additional Facebook promotion:  $5 if you are placing in both the Rudder and on-line

Non-members or Commercial ads:  $2.50 per word and require a minimum of $30.00 per classified ad. One photo permitted in the Rudder at an additional cost of $30.00

Pricing for the Website Non-members or Commercial ads:  An ad can be placed on-line for a cost of $35 for 90 days along with four photos. 

Once you submit your ad, you’ll be contacted by Stacy from ACBS Headquarters. She’ll collect your money and place your ad.   [email protected] or call (315) 686-2628

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