Executive Director. The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. (ACBS) founded in January, 1975 has recently added the position of Executive Director to its administrative staff. This person will assume leadership of the Administrative Staff and will report directly to the Society President and The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

The vision of the ACBS is to provide an organization wherein people with a common interest in and love of historic, antique and classic boats can come together with friends and colleagues in a spirit of fellowship and fun to share dreams, adventures, knowledge, history and experiences.

ACBS is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of New York State and US federal tax regulations. It operates internationally with 7500 members and 58 Chapters spread through the United States, Canada and most recently, Europe. The annual operating budget exceeds $500,000 and is funded primarily by membership dues. Additionally, an Education Endowment Fund is maintained for the awarding of annual scholarships to students pursuing vintage boat preservation, restoration and building.

Administrative offices are currently located in Clayton, NY. Organizationally, the ACBS functions with an annually elected President, as well as some 30 Committees, including an Executive Committee of the Board. The Board includes seventeen elected members plus the Chapter Presidents – all unpaid volunteers. Most Directors are elected for three year terms. The Executive Committee re-forms yearly with the loss of only one member – the outgoing Past President. Thus, with each President having served as a Vice-President for two years, continuity is maintained.

The Board meets off-site four times a year for business meetings including an Annual Meeting in September and a winter budget meeting. The Annual Meeting traditionally includes the ACBS International Boat Show. Meetings other than the budget meeting are usually scheduled at varied locations across North America having strong connections to vintage boating.

Position Summary:

The Executive Director (ED) provides executive management and supervision of the daily business activities of the ACBS. This person serves under the direction of the President and Executive Committee of the Board of Directors and in cooperation with the other Board members, Committee Chairs, Chapter Officers and the membership at large. The ED is assisted in his/her work by a small combined staff of full and part time persons. Daily activities include all actions necessary for the stability and growth of the organization as well as member services and preparation and execution of the operating budget. National travel is required several times a year to represent the organization at various venues.

This position will be located in Clayton, NY where the headquarters and administrative staff are currently located. Future options can be discussed during the interview process.

Primary Responsibilities

  • To embrace and promote the ACBS Mission Statement. (acbs.org/mission.html)
  • Develop, execute and maintain Strategic Plans agreeable to the Executive Committee.
  • Serve as an Ex officio member of all Board -appointed Committees.
  • Develop and maintain cordial relationships with Chapter leaders to ensure Chapter strength, efficiency and commonality of efforts.
  • Assist Treasurer in the preparation of a yearly operating budget.
  • Assist President and Executive Committee with Quarterly and Annual Meeting Agendas.
  • Establish and maintain a publicity, marketing and outreach program directed at organizations, associations and businesses that can directly contribute in some manner to further the aims of the ACBS Mission Statement.
  • Promote and supervise Fund Raising activities presently directed at growing the ACBS Scholarship Endowment.

Qualifications required:

  • Enthusiasm for, and dedication to the principles of the ACBS and the vintage boating community
  • Senior level employment experiences in corporate business and/or association management complimented by a post-secondary degree and preferably including further education from other institutions.
  • Demonstrated skills in marketing to the corporate and public marketplace.
  • Demonstrated skills in budgeting and accounting.
  • Proficient in all basic computer skills, i.e. Microsoft Office, research on the Internet, e-mail, etc
  • Excellent organizational skills, i.e. attention to detail, problem solving, multi-tasking, prioritization and scheduling of staff work
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills that include good oral and written communications.
  • Goal oriented. Able to meet and exceed objectives set for self and set by others for self.
  • Flexible, adaptable, strong initiative and self-starter.

Where to apply:

By Email only to acbsed@acbs.org Submit resume with cover letter addressed to ED Search Committee describing why this opportunity is important to you. The deadline for receiving applications is January 11, 2013. All applicants will receive a reply.