Lake Okoboji is the heart of the Iowa Great Lakes located in northwest Iowa.

It’s also the home of the annual boat rendezvous for the Jerry Dyhrkopp Iowa Great Lakes Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.  The chapter’s president Dean Alexander Kent sent this message with pictures from the show:

“There was a fantastic turn out from not only our participants, but the public as well! There was a constant flow of spectators moving through the docks all day long.  We had a decent turn out with 41 boats on static display and in the water. We have some younger people in the area that are interested/purchasing/ and becoming involved in the wood boating in our area. As a club we are excited about the new members that will be joining us and the future events we plan to have with them.”

Enjoy the slide show which includes pictures from the Friday night welcome party through the Saturday show.

This also came from the chapter president as part of a thank you email to all participants and members:

“I’d also like to thank Royce Humphreys, Ned Protexter, Wiley Mayne, and Parker Hays for all of their behind-the-scenes efforts to put on the show this year!”

Thank you, Dean Alexander Kent, for sending the information and pictures.  Timothy Lund at Eagle Eye UAV deserves credit for aerial photography. The headline photo is by Tom Gustafson.

Email your boat show reports and pictures to [email protected] for publication on this website.

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