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St. Lawrence Restorations


Specializes in antique and classic restorations; great collection of antique and classic marine hardware and restoration supplies in inventory; antique and classic boats for sale; boat slips for classic boats available.

STAR 10 Inc.


Paint Stripper That Works! Our products are friendly to the user and the environment. It contains no methylene chloride, caustics or acids. What it does is the WORK in stripping paint and varnish. Begin refinishing the same day the stripping is complete.

The Knotted Line


The products that TKL makes are based on items sailors made to improve the appearance of a vessel and protect it at the same time. We wish to provide a brief look into knotwork with the hope that a few people will be interested in learning more about the art. We teach classes in everything from tying your shoes to somewhat complicated fancywork. It is our sincere hope that a former student will stop by and show us something that we have not seen before.

The Landing School of Boatbuilding & Design


EDUCATING FUTURE LEADERS OF THE MARINE INDUSTRY The Landing School effectively prepares men and women for careers in the marine industry as practical designers, builders, and systems technicians who work professionally on today's vessels, adapt to the industry's evolving technology and appreciate the traditions of the past while imagining and building the boats of the future.

Travelers Antique Boat Insurance


At Travelers, we understand the pride and joy you feel as an antique boat owner, as well as the worry that oftentimes goes along with it. That's why we've crafted special boat insurance coverages for Antique and Classic Runabouts to ensure that your efforts and investment are well protected.

Tumblehome Boatshop


Reuben Smith's Tumblehome Boatshop is focused on the high‐end restoration and new construction of historic and classic wooden boats. The Right Talent . . . Wooden boatbuilding and restoration require an approach that is careful and thoughtful, based on years of experience. The crew at Reuben Smith’s Tumblehome Boatshop are a group of talented individuals with a headstrong commitment to their craft.

Van Dam Custom Boats


YOU'VE EARNED IT. We would like to learn more about you, and what you are looking for. Do you have a vision of your dream boat? Do you know what you want from your boat? Are you a sailor, historian or an off-shore speed junkie?

Van Ness Engineering


Whether you need 100% visual accuracy, 100% Reliability, or both, Van Ness engine restorations perform flawlessly. From brilliantly executed internals to museum-grade external detailing, there is no better choice than Van Ness. Van Ness Engineering has a deep inventory of parts for many vintage marine engines, including pre WW-II and post WW-II variations of most common models, such as Chris-Craft, Graymarine, Chrysler Marine, Sripps, and others. If you are a do-it-yourself engine rebuilder, or are trying to locate parts for your preferred engine rebuilder, Van Ness likely has the parts you need.

Wade Technology Inc.


Re-chrome, why buy new? Splendorize your yacht. Contact for quotes. Chrome polish for sale. Boat parts available. 35 years experience.

West Wind Hardwood


We carry marine grade plywood and specialize in clear, edge grain and unusual dimensions in boat lumber; whether long solid stock for a new mast or planking, or a large hardwood timber to replace a stem.

Wooden Runabout Company


Serving all of your wooden boat needs! The Wooden Runabout Company, LLC is a full service boatshop specializing in award-winning restorations of the finest antique and classic boats in the world. We offer over 40 years of professional restoration experience to meet the needs of every wooden boat owner. Click "Details" to see our range of services.

WoodenBoat Publications LLC


For more than 40 years, WoodenBoat Publications has provided readers with a dynamic editorial environment that combines emerging technologies with traditional methods of boat design, construction, and repair. Jon Wilson founded the company in September 1974 with the publication of the first issue of <em>WoodenBoat</em> magazine—which he assembled from his off-the-grid cabin in North Brooksville, Maine. He sold 400 individual copies and signed up 200 subscribers at the Newport Sailboat Show that year, and WoodenBoat has been thriving ever since—and diversifying.

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